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After Sales


All Kambill Products carry a warranty of 12 (twelve) months against any manufacturing defects from the date of installation. In case there are any defects in any component, subsystem, or unit, the same will be repaired/replaced by Kambill Systems, without any additional cost to the End User, within 7 days from the date such defect is brought to its’ notice and is confirmed as a defect.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available from Kambill when the warranty period of the end-user nears expiry. Please contact our firm for information regarding the same, providing us with billing and dispatch details of the product.

Transition Services

Kambill provides for seamless and trouble-free transition from other training simulators that end-users have currently deployed at their sites. This focuses on specialized training and maintenance services, which communicate & train end-user personnel, on the differences and benefits of Kambill’s products, as compared to the replaced training simulator. This helps the end-user quickly adapt to Kambill products and minimize the learning cycle.

Scenario Upgrade Services

Kambill provides upgrades to the existing library of scenarios installed at the end-user site. This helps the end users include more challenging scenarios within the training curriculum, without having to be troubled to develop the scenarios themselves.